3 Aussie Females You Should Know About

Jiordan Tolli

ned7b5Vd_400x400Everyone say hello to Australia’s answer to New Zealand’s, Lorde and England’s, Birdy, our very own Jiordan Tolli. This talented, young Melbourne songstress is no stranger to the spotlight having already appeared in Neighbours as a child and making it to the top five of X-Factor Australia 2013 (the poor thing had to deal with Redfoo as a coach). Now, a year on, we are being blessed with her angelic voice via Triple J Unearthed. (Personally this gains R.E.S.P.E.C.T from me because she has pretty much gone and ‘Started From The Bottom’ #dreke.)

Tolli’s punchy piano ballads with floating vocals certainly mirror her musical influences which include female powerhouses such as Lorde, Birdy, Lana Del Ray and Nora Jones. In saying that, her register is significantly higher and more versatile than the occasional drone of Birdy and Lana Del Ray. The two songs on her Unearthed profile, ‘Hesitate’ and ‘Further’, have both gained over 5000 plays respectively and received comments describing her as “addictively soothing”. This 20-year-old has immense potential, and with a highly anticipated EP in the works, we will be seeing a lot more of this pretty face.

Check out her Unearthed Profile here

Ecca Vandal

tumblr_ndij5tsytU1sk538qo1_500Ecca Vandal didn’t even knock on the door of the music world; she just smashed the door in and then continued to set it on fire with her debut single, ‘White Flag’. Released in August this fiery, full-blown, slightly unnerving single is accompanied by an old school garage-band-esque video clip. The clip gained a decent amount of screenplay on Channel [V] as a ‘One To Watch’ and had many people asking “who is that girl?”. In said clip she absolutely rocks the checkered-hippie-pants and has you kind of screaming at your laptop “CAN I PLEASE BE YOUR FRIEND?!”.

The single is produced by Vandal and her co-writers/producers Kidnot and Hadyn Buxton who are also producing her unnamed EP set for release in 2015. ‘White Flag’ is one of those songs that makes sense in the most wonderfully weird way. It’s somewhere between punk-rock, electronic and just bloody awesome. Vandal has a similar off-kilter vocal style to Gwen Stefani and accompanied with grungy guitars and synths it renders a comparable sound to No Doubt. And thank goodness she is bringing that sound back, because what a brilliant sound it is.

Tkay Maidza

Tkay-Maidza-High-Res_185-600x38818-year-old Tkay Maidza rose to rapid fame with ‘Brontosaurus’ last year and has only gone up from there. This electronic/hip hop babe has already featured on tracks with Kilter and MUST DIE! and toured the country with Listen Out festival. She has been labeled as ‘A Rapper You Should Know Before They Blow Up’ by the renowned Complex Mag (and as the only Australian on the list and one of only 4 females, this is a huge feat). Maidza has also released an EP this year called the Switch Mixtape and has an album coming out in 2015. WHAT A BUSY GIRL.

If you’re a fan of Azealia Banks or MIA this girl has the badass attitude and flow to match. Her songs ‘Switch Lanes’ and ‘Finish Them’ certainly have the fast spitting and banging bass of hard hitters like Banks. ‘Uh Huh’ has a bit of a different feel, slightly more chilled out with more focus on the catchy pop chorus and electronic elements of the song rather than the rap verses. Maidza is certainly paving the way for women in the Australian rap game (Iggy doesn’t count) and let’s hope we see much much more of her!